Hillary's Email Adventure:
A Candidate Clash Game

You've Got Mail Problems!

Rocked by scandal just as the White House seems within her grasp, Hillary Clinton gets an urgent 3 a.m. text message from a lackey: "Big Trouble, Boss! Bad guys are wiping your email server"

With that — and a quick detour through the NSA Shrink Ray — Hillary is off on a daring quest to retrieve as many classified files as possible from her (FBI-impounded) email server.

But she better be careful. The "bad guys" may be planning to wipe more than a hard drive.

Candidate Clash
Hillary vs. Trump

Choose Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump as you race for votes — and avoid political enemies — on your way to the White House.
EVERY vote earned in the game counts for your candidate in the real-time, patent-pending Candidate Clash Poll.

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